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Welcome to the Earth Club

So, what’s Princess Polly Earth Club all about?

Princess Polly Earth Club is our mission. We believe the whole fashion industry needs to do better. We created Earth Club as we want to play a big part in the movement for lasting change in our industry to put people, the planet and community first.

In 2021, we became a participant of the United Nations Global Compact, and aligned our Earth Club mission with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Sustainable Development Goals help us to centralise the most important issues facing our world - we have identified 9 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals which we can best contribute to. Look for the icons within each impact area to see which Goals our work focuses on.

We are devoted to making continual progress towards our commitments and being transparent along the way. Earth Club is your go-to resource to keep up to date on all of the initiatives and programs we’re working on. Because doing good is more than a mood!


Ensuring that each person that works to make our products is safe, respected, and their human rights are protected.


Designing products that put people, animals and the planet first.


Improving the environmental impact of our packaging, business operations and factories to meet the needs of the planet.


Creating a diverse and inclusive business where everyone belongs and supporting causes that improve lives and communities.


You can check out what we’ve been up to over the last 12 months in our 2020 Sustainability Snapshot here.



Ethical production is our number one focus. We have built long-lasting, strong relationships with our suppliers, and are committed to making sure everyone producing our garments works in an environment where their values are respected – check out our Human Rights Policy to learn more.

But what do we mean by ‘assess and continuously improve worker welfare’? Assessing is all about verifying how our values and standards are being applied in practice. To start, we require all our production factories to register with the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) - a world leading ethical trade organisation, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains. From there, all suppliers complete a self assessment as well as an independent audit.

These independent audits are done to understand how our factories’ practices reflect our Code of Conduct. An independent auditor visits the factory, checks policies, records, conditions and interviews production workers. Today, 100% of the factories which we work with have valid audits.

Continuous improvement is all about factory development. One way we support improvement is by assisting our factories to review issues found during their audit and to implement changes to create a better work environment and worker experience. We’re going beyond the audit process too - by collaborating with industry and leading partners we will provide training to management and workers, elevate worker voices, understand how we can ensure a living wage, and tackle other systemic issues which we can’t address alone.

You can read more about our Ethical Sourcing program and who makes your clothes here.

We’ve been hard at work expanding our Earth Club collection and are so proud of its continual progress. So far, the growing collection is created with products made from 8 lower-impact materials:

  • Organic cotton
  • Recycled cotton
  • Recycled nylon
  • Recycled polyester
  • Recycled PU
  • Water based PU
  • Recycled plastic
  • Recycled metal

By 2022 over 20% of our products will be made from lower-impact materials. By 2025 we’ll be at 60%, and by 2030 that number will be at 100%.

You can read more about how we are creating sustainable & conscious products here.

We are serious about circularity. For us, circular fashion is all about creating smartly designed and great quality products in line with demand, helping you take care and keep them for longer, and providing you all the right resources to give them a second life when it’s time to say goodbye.

We’re proud that our garments are made from high quality materials – which means that with a bit of TLC, your favourite Princess Polly pieces can last season after season. Our Care Guide is a first step in giving you all the right resources to keep your fav pieces looking fresh and fab (and the planet will thank you, too!).

When you no longer wear your items, this doesn’t have to be the end of the story either. We’re committed to educating our customers on the best options to give these pieces another life: it may be with a new owner, by reselling or donating, or by recycling the materials to turn them into something new. We’ll do our part to make this as easy as possible, and with the help of partners, will enable collection channels for used or damaged items in our largest markets by 2023.

You can read more about our approach to circular fashion here.

Our big goal is zero; zero net carbon emissions and zero waste to landfill. With the help of some incredible experts, we calculated our carbon emissions for the whole of 2020. This data helps us set ambitious and exciting goals for the future of Princess Polly!

As part of our commitment as a participant in the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, we're dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions by a minimum of 30% by 2030. We're also working towards:

  • Net zero emissions from our entire supply chain before 2030
  • Our global offices and warehouses being carbon neutral by 2023
  • Zero waste to landfill by 2025. That includes damaged return product

You can read more about our plan to tread lighter here.

We believe that diversity is beautiful and improving our representation and inclusiveness is imperative. This work is vital in creating the kind of change we want to see within our culture and industry, and in the world.

We’re committed to making sure every Polly customer can see themselves represented in our marketing, find the right product that meets their needs and see Princess Polly advocating for the causes they believe in. To start, by 2022 we will extend the size range of our products from sizes 4-22.

When it comes to our team, in 2020, we completed our first Current State Assessment, to identify the strengths, opportunities and any barriers to inclusion that may exist within Princess Polly’s culture. Based on the insights from the Assessment, we will build a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging strategy that is tailored to address those specific gaps.

In the coming months, we are turning our attention to preparing and educating our teams and leaders. All leaders have already participated in inclusive leadership training and our teams will participate in training on inclusive workplaces and implicit bias in 2021. We’re also in the process of forming a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging advisory council, which will help us over the next few years to continue creating amazing staff experiences, map out employment pathways, and improve employee representation throughout our business.

You can read more about our work on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging here.

When it comes to our local and global communities, we are committed to assisting, advocating for and giving a voice to the causes we care about. Launching in 2021, the Princess Polly Society is our program for partnering with charities that promote mental health, body positivity and wellness for individuals and communities, that provide opportunities centred on equality, or that protect and care for local environments.

A core part of these partnerships is helping our selected charities to reach their goals through funding. That’s why we are committed to donating at least USD$500,000 every year to projects that support our three pillars (mind & body, equality and environment), and creating opportunities for our customers to donate and get involved too.

We truly believe in the work our first Princess Polly Society partners, Butterfly Foundation and The Loveland Foundation, are achieving and in 2020 already donated USD$50,000 to each. We will be using our platform to advocate for their work to our Polly community, and enabling you to support them directly by making a $1 donation when you checkout.

You can read more about Princess Polly Society here.